The Ontology

Allamex™ has dedicated itself to empower small business owners and independent brands to compete with the large retail chains and online giants.

If you’re a retailer Allamex™ enables you easily buy wholesale goods online.

We make sure you get straight-forward financial terms and logistics.

Simplify your business and expand your reach by leaving the supply job to Allamex™ team.

In case you require, we can provide you our “exclusive” extra service of sales, marketing, and analytics tools for your brand.

The Solver

Nope! You don’t have to visit hundreds of suppliers located in different cities all over Türkiye one by one! Avoid all those unnecessary expenses! Why should you ever waste your time, resources!

With Allamex™? Never! No language barriers, no cultural differences at all! By working with us, you appoint us your supply department.

Eliminate it! Bring supply risks to the minimum ever possible. Do not start all at once. Give it a try.

Don’t be lost among endless repetitive options.

Imagine! How complicated it would be for you if you were the person who order items from so many different manufacturers! All that correspondence, phone calls, messages and paperwork! By Allamex™, you reduce it all to ONE single option: An option that contains ocean of options!

Ok! Let’s forget all that for a second and think about your orders from different suppliers: tracking, following-up, coordinating, controlling, monitoring, inspecting, overseeing, supervising, examining, checking… all of them at once! Really? Let’s add payment, logistics, paperwork and customs on the top of all this!

We are sure that People with experience understand and will appreciate what we are talking about. We are a game changer! When it comes to supply chain management, Allamex™ is a problem solver. Allamex™ is “The Solver!”

In More Simple Words?

Cheaper up to 55% – Of course not in all items!

As fast as cheetah – We will not write “Delay” and “Allamex™” words side by side again!

Turkish + Allamex™ Quality – Yes! Just like Maraş Ice-cream and Antep Baklava!

No Middle Man – Only rightfully deserved service award!

Tailored for your business – How can we even exist without our valued customers? Logically…

Options and More Options – Watch out! Don’t be dazzled and make sure you leave tips for our supply chain team’s vacation to Cuba!

Honestly Free – Yes! All those extra services are free for our esteemed clients. You are not blamed for being surprised and even shocked.

Why we even exist?

Years of experience might be the precise remark. Allamex™ is the fruit of 30 years of experience in online and particularly in international business.

How we could stay aside and do nothing while monstrous players were swallowing small retail businesses?

We decided to combine your needs, our experience and sincerity of small Turkish manufacturers!

Sounds very idealistic. We know that! Thank for not being one of those nay sayers. Believing is the most formidable rules of success. If you read these lines, you already one the way of becoming one of us! Are you ready to work for making the world a better place?

Impossible! Allamex™ wouldn’t survive without the trust, compassion, affection, sincerity and support of all those valuable suppliers. From the lady with one sewing machine to those thriving businesses. They have all been of enormous help to making Allamex™ a successful brand! No words can be enough to fully thank them. (We hereby present our apologies for being often strict in quality inspection and packaging to all of them!)