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How to be sure about a real ”leather” bag?

leather bag

The most important accessories that accompany our daily lives are our bags. In addition to our tastes when choosing a bag, the quality factor also significantly affects our purchasing decision. If we are thinking of buying a leather bag, an extra careful selection is required. The ability to distinguish real and artificial leather plays an important role in terms of the advantages of being able to use the product we purchase for a long time and efficiently.

Real leather bags stand out with their durability and can be used for many years without deformation or wear. Artificial leather is obtained from PVC. Since artificial leather bags contain plastic-based raw materials and are not air permeable, they have the disadvantage of being both harmful to health and easily deformed. Real leather bags should be preferred to stay away from carcinogenic substances and to use quality products.

As a conscious consumer, real leather and artificial leather bags should be distinguished, and real leather products should be preferred in order to ensure long-term use of the bags we purchase.

So how can you tell the difference between a real leather bag and a faux leather bag?

  • You can distinguish real and artificial leather by smelling the product you will buy. The smell of the product you buy is important. Real leather has a unique smell. Artificial leather, on the other hand, smells like plastic and medicine because its raw material is plastic.
  • You should not be mistaken about the price; Faux leather bags can also be sold at high prices, so a decision should not be made as to whether the product is real or faux leather by comparing the price difference.
  • When artificial leather is exposed to fire, it immediately deforms and burns because it contains plastic. Real leather, on the other hand, does not deform easily when in contact with fire and does not catch fire immediately.
  • Real leather has an irregular porous structure that is not regular and symmetrical. Since artificial leather is machine produced, the pores on the surface will appear regular and very smooth.
  • Real leather has a soft texture and a voluminous and layered structure. You won’t find this thick smooth texture in faux leather.
  • When real leather is scraped with the tip of a fingernail, a scar remains and it returns to its original state in a short time. On artificial leather, no scar formation is observed when scraped.
  • If the tip of a needle sinks into the skin immediately and passes through it, it is artificial leather. However, if you have difficulty inserting the needle and it does not sink easily, the product is real leather.
  • You can tell if it’s real by pouring some water on the skin. In artificial leather, water accumulates on the surface, while real leather absorbs water in a short time.

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