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Correct Use of Our Turkish Handmade Backpack

It is necessary to use the backpacks, which can be different from each other in terms of design, according to their characteristics. It should always try to get efficiency from each beneficiary aspect of the relevant bag.


Using backpacks with two straps at all times,

Utilizing waist and chest straps, if available in the bag,

Adjusting the strap settings of the bag according to the ideal body structure,

Rearranging the hangers if the clothes being worn are too thick or thin,

Adjusting a strap with a suitable tightness so that the bag does not shake too much while walking,

In general, if you consider these things that should be known by everyone, you can always get the best performance in the use of bags.


Attaching the Backpack to the Front


One of the methods that people sometimes prefer to use a backpack is to attach the bag directly to the front. Although this situation may have some positive aspects such as easy access to goods in practice, it still has some negative aspects.


When backpacks are in front of the chest, this can put more weight on the neck. This may cause some undesirable unpleasant conditions such as neck pain and low back pain. In this respect, in such cases, both the weight of the bag should be considered and how comfortable and convenient it is should be evaluated.


Low Waist Backpack

The vast majority of people can use their backpacks below their waistline. This is not a correct bag usage style in general. Because in this way, the bag is constantly swinging and moving with its weight.


This situation causes the person to spend more power than necessary and get tired. In addition, since there will be constant incompatible pressures on the muscles, this creates some stiffness in the body. In this respect, the bag should always be ideally matched to the waist.


Adjusting the Backpack Waist Belt

The waist belt part, which is available in many backpacks, provides good convenience while carrying the bag. However, it must be adjusted correctly when using this belt. The belt should not be too low or too high.


Because breathing comfortably while walking is also important. For this, ideally, it is necessary to position the relevant belt towards the iliac crest, which is the upper part of the hip.


Using the Backpack Efficiently

The anatomical structures of people and the backpacks they prefer differ in many ways. In this respect, it is always appropriate for people to make adjustments according to their own body qualities in order to get the best efficiency from the relevant product.


Always using this beautiful product, which is always necessary in daily life, in the most correct way allows to avoid back pain and other kinds of health problems at all times.

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