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Everything About Cloth Napkin Selection and Usage

An immaculate white tablecloth, an elaborate table consisting of plates, forks and spoons… However, there is one more thing that should not be forgotten; napkins.


Although it is thought of as a detail on the table, napkins are actually an indispensable element of stylish and attentive tables. Cloth napkins are especially used on more formal tables and make the table look much more elegant.


Pay attention to the color match!

There are many points to consider when using cloth napkins; The first of these is that your cloth napkin is clean and well ironed. We recommend that you have paper napkins on your table as well as fabric napkins against accidents at the table. You can prepare a beautiful presentation by placing your paper napkins, which are much more practical to use than fabric napkins, into a basket.


When using napkins, you should always consider the color harmony with your tablecloth. If you have a white or cream tablecloth, you can spice up your table by using colored cloth napkins. Likewise, patterned fabric napkins will make your table look more pleasant.


How should the napkins be positioned on the table?

It is extremely important to set the table correctly before placing the napkins. Napkins are placed to the left of the forks in informal meals and inside the serving plate in formal dinners. Apart from that, you should also pay attention to the following points:


When folding your napkin, you should also consider the fabric. Napkins made of linen cloth become like a razor when folded. Satin napkins are a little more difficult to fold.

When folding fabric napkins, you can start with simple designs. You can also try different types of folding over time.

Cloth napkins are also used for wiping the mouth, but it would be correct to have paper napkins on your table as well.

Once the napkins are squarely folded, they should be folded into a more rectangular shape with one fold. You can apply this folding method especially for formal invitations.


Using paper napkins

In daily use, it would be a better decision to choose paper napkins instead of fabric. Paper napkins come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Today, there are also thick and wide paper napkins, which are not like cloth napkins, and they have a very stylish appearance. In addition, if you are giving a crowded invitation, paper napkins will come to your rescue and we recommend that you have them in abundance.

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