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How can we choose the right Turkish-made tablecloth?

The tablecloth is the first accessory that draws attention to the table, whether it is for daily meals or for invitations. The tablecloths you use in your home reflect the style of you and your home with their colour, pattern and texture.


When choosing a tablecloth, you should first consider the dimensions of your table. If the length of your tablecloth is chosen to be 10-20 cm down from the edges of the table, be sure that it will look more elegant, but this distance should not exceed 30 cm. Otherwise, guests may experience problems. If you are choosing a tablecloth that you will use in invitations, you can choose more elegant-looking lace and guipure models, and you can even support this tablecloth with suitable fabric napkins and let your guests eat at a more elegant table.


Match your furniture


It is also important that the cover you will use on your table in the living room is compatible with your furniture. You can also change your color choices according to the meals. For example, while having lunch, you can use patterned covers in more vibrant colors, while at dinner you can prefer plainer, plain models.


Choose models that are easy to clean


If you are going to use your tablecloth, especially in daily life, we recommend that you choose fabrics that are stain-proof, easy to wash and even do not require ironing. These models, called “Painless”, make your work much easier and thus you can use them for a longer period of time.


Keep in mind


If you are choosing a cover for your kitchen table, you can choose floral or gingham models that look very cute in vibrant colors. These models will change the atmosphere of your kitchen and will be the basis of pleasant and peaceful tables.

When washing your fabric tablecloth in the washing machine, you should wash it in warm water by adding the appropriate cleaner according to the washing instructions.

In a short cycle, you should dry the tablecloth you bought from your machine by gently drying it by hanging it in a suitable place in order not to wrinkle.

Many different types of stains can occur on your fabric covers depending on daily use. You should clean these stains before they spread. For example, if you spill tea on your tablecloth, absorb excess liquid with a white towel paper or a clean cloth. Then wash your cover in accordance with the washing instructions. Never rub while removing excess liquid with a clean cloth, remove excess liquid with light touches.


There are also nylon tablecloths that are chosen because they are more practical in daily life at home. Since these rescue products can be wiped with damp sponges, they are especially useful for families with children. Again, by choosing different patterns of these products, you can easily consume your meals without the risk of stains.

You can get a more elegant presentation by laying the “runner” on your tablecloths, which is compatible with its colors. The use of runners, which has been quite common lately, not only brings a different style to the tables, but also creates the feeling of having a new tablecloth every time with different options.

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