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How Should a Oval Bath Mat Be?

Choosing a carpet for your bathroom may seem like a task that doesn’t require much thought at first. But the carpet you choose can actually play a huge role in shaping the entire look of your room and keeping your family safe. It is important to consider color, size, material, durability, maintenance and additional safety features when choosing bath mats in general. You can discover all the mats and carpet options that are compatible with the decor of your bathroom and that you can use safely with Allamex Bath Mat quality and assurance.




To choose functional and stylish bathroom rugs and mats, you need to consider some factors such as style, color and material. You can pay attention to some tips to buy the best alternatives among the wide range of bathroom rug models.


Size: Before choosing a carpet or mat, you need to measure the size of the place where you want to place the product. You can use larger options such as runners to add depth to large and empty spaces. For smaller bathrooms, you can buy minimal and stylish models of toilet bowls. Depending on the geometric positioning of your bathroom, you can choose various mat options such as round, rectangular or square.


Anti-slip: Since the bathroom is the area that is most in contact with water, it is an important detail that the carpet you choose has anti-slip feature. From the smallest to the largest, you should pay attention to the non-slip structure of the product in order to step safely on bathroom carpets and mats.


Color and Pattern: When it comes to aesthetic choices, the first thing you should consider is the decoration of your bathroom. In general, you need to choose a bath mat that matches the style, colors and mood of the bathroom. If you want to try something other than solid colors, you can also choose geometric or floral patterns. Slogan mats with written messages, digital prints and abstract patterns also add vitality to your bathroom.


Material: Controlling the material of the bathroom rug is one of the necessary criteria for its maintenance and use. Placing lightweight cotton bath mats around the toilet or sink will make your feet feel warm. Carpet models consisting of thick, plush and silky textures with classic borders are among other options that feel soft.

Washing Instruction: It is important to check the washing and care instructions of the bathroom carpet you have chosen. Easy-to-wash mats provide advantages in areas that get dirty quickly, such as bathrooms, as they are practical and useful.

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Bathroom rugs are one of the most practical ways to add a fun ambiance to your decoration. However, it is important to make sure that the product you choose complements both the tone and the feel of the bathroom. If you are looking for a spa-like relaxing experience, you can choose bath mat models that reflect the nature theme dominated by brown, beige and pale greens.


In order to spread the irresistible energy-renewing effect of water to your entire bathroom, you can turn to tones that reflect the color of the oceans, such as blue.


You can also benefit from the harmony of contrasting colors to create a nice contrast with your ceramics and furniture.



It is necessary to perform the maintenance and cleaning of the bathroom carpet routinely in order to use it for a longer life. Regular cleaning also helps you eliminate bacteria, dirt and similar pests on the carpet or mat. The care instructions for bathroom rugs and mats differ according to their materials. However, you can consider a few rules that must be followed when cleaning the bath mat.


Most bathroom rugs are made to be machine washable. However, before washing your carpet, you should check the washing instructions on the label.

In order not to damage the structure of your carpet, you should choose one of the delicate and soft programs of your washing machine.

You should gently hand wash the mats made of bamboo, jute and similar natural fibers with warm water and soap. You can rinse with cold water to remove soap from hand-washed carpets or mats.

You should make sure that the bath mats are completely dried in the sun so that bacteria do not grow.

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