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How Should Cushions Be Selected and Positioned?

Creating an order in the crowd is of considerable importance for the cushions and throw cushions we choose for our seating groups, as it is in every area of our lives. This article will shed light on your question marks on this subject.


While it is a good decision to choose colorful throw cushion covers to add movement to our beige or light toned sofa, to our beautifully lit living room for a clean and bright look; In order not to spoil the bright tones, choosing a cushion in the same tone will also be one of the choices shaped according to our personal tastes. Velvet throw cushions can also be chosen as a continuation of a velvet-covered seating group. Combining a matching cushion cover with a sofa in magenta, earth or burgundy colors will be among these options.


Trying to position a rectangular and large cushion on a single berjer chair will disrupt the flow of the space and lead to an aesthetic dissonance. For this reason, it makes sense to make a harmonious choice in terms of color and texture of the cushion cover in a more minimal and square size.


In order to enrich a large triple sofa and break the simplicity, using square and rectangular cushioncases will be a modern and stylish image, as well as using one or two cushioncases of different sizes can be logical parts of the decoration.


In areas used as offices, furniture suitable for the concept and decorative cushions suitable for these furniture can be used to represent the company and the brand. It would be logical for this area to choose the same and dark color cushion cover suitable for a dark, stylish leather furniture.


While making all these choices, it should be taken into consideration that the suitability for the area, the transition between the colors, the long-term use of the covers and their durability, and the harmony between the furniture and the cushion cover should be a priority among the options.

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