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What does armchair/bergere mean?


Armchairs are armchairs with a long, puffy back and a wide seat. Armchairs are products that are frequently heard of but are often used incorrectly. Although they are popularly known as armchairs or lounge chairs, armchairs are not single armchairs. It is a word of French origin and means female shepherd. Although armchairs are generally known as single-person seats, they may vary depending on their usage areas. It is a very comfortable type of chair. They can be examined in two separate groups: home-style armchair sets used in homes and cafe-style armchair sets used in cafes. While home-style armchairs are larger and have wider seating areas, cafe-style armchair sets can be smaller, small-sized armchairs. It is possible to see the developing and developing understanding of fashion in armchairs today. This fashion sense can also be seen on armchairs in cafes. You can reflect your style with armchairs in spaces or homes, or add a different atmosphere with suitable armchairs.

Where are armchairs used?
In recent years, minimalist decorations have been very prominent. With this widespread trend, those who want to decorate a cafe have started to use minimalist wing chairs. Armchairs are items that can be used not only in rooms at home but also in cafes and other places. They appeal to the eye in terms of aesthetics and elegance, and are also useful and very comfortable. Everyone wants to go to a cafe to relax with their friends or alone during their lunch breaks or free time, and they spend a certain amount of time in cafes. No one wants to spend their time sitting in bad-looking and uncomfortable chairs. Therefore, it is necessary to be selective in terms of decoration in such cafes and places and attention should be paid to this. If necessary, armchairs should be tested before purchasing them. Comfort is a very important detail today, but decoration has also become just as important. If you want to decorate both stylishly and comfortably, wing chairs will be exactly what you need. Then let’s talk a little about the use of armchairs in homes as well as cafes. There are various wing chair designs for those who want to change the atmosphere of their home and let different winds blow. A piece of armchair that reflects your style, which is completely up to your unique choice among your furniture sets, will always be a dazzling piece in your decoration.

Create Your Own Space with Modern Armchairs
Maybe most people don’t think of it, but it will provide convenience for parents in baby rooms. Bergeres will always be there, both in those beautiful fairy tales that need to be read and in other aids. Everything is made easier for families with rocking armchairs. Placing an armchair where your bookshelf is located with beautiful lighting will create a modern atmosphere and increase your reading pleasure. The number of pages you read flows like water. Small embroidery, knitting, sewing, etc. You can easily do handicrafts on these armchairs. You can even watch your favorite TV series on it. Thanks to its purpose, the quality cushion fabrics used and its width, it balances your body temperature. This will make it your biggest helper in winter. Since wing chairs are light, easy-to-move furniture, they are also number one for those who like to change their decoration. For people who love romance or tranquility, armchairs will be your helpers in sitting in front of the window and watching the rain or snowfall with coffee. Armchair furniture, which we usually see in our elders’ homes, is now possible to see in every home, thanks to its new designs. Because they are personal, armchairs are one of the independent pieces that reflect the homeowner’s style the most, unlike sets. With their dazzling designs, they are special, comfortable and useful pieces that should be found in every home.

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