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What is Bench? What are its areas of use?


Benches are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you can add to different rooms of your home. It serves as a great space to both sit and create an inviting environment. Since it is extremely compact due to its structure, it is suitable everywhere. These aesthetically pleasing furniture can also be used as decorative elements in the interior designs of your home. It allows you to choose according to your taste among models suitable for many styles such as classic, modern, leather, exotic and rustic.

What is Bench?
The term bench was introduced into the furniture industry many years ago. It is the furniture we frequently use in our homes, with a history of almost 1000 years. In fact, the Turkish equivalent of the word “bench” is “bank” and it was used this way until 20 years ago. Words such as decor, modern, aesthetic are not actually Turkish, but are terms used in the current home decoration industry and are similar to bench in this respect.

As you can see, bench furniture is a popular piece of furniture today as it was in the past. Benches can be used in many room styles with designs that can be classified under certain categories such as modern, classic, luxury. Now let’s go into more detail on this subject.

Top 5 Areas to Place Benches in Your Home
There are many bench models that you can use both indoors and in open and semi-open areas of your home. This furniture, which also means bench; wood, iron, steel, aluminum, wicker, etc. It can be manufactured with various materials and you can choose from different types and styles of products in accordance with the decoration of the area where you will position the furniture.

So where can you use benches in your home?

1- Entrance of the House
The entrance of your home is one of the most important parts you should pay attention to when designing your home. After all, first impressions are lasting. Placing benches in the veranda section of the house refreshes the environment. It is also possible to decorate this furniture in accordance with your personal tastes, with its most important advantage over armchairs being its narrow structure and its ability to be used without taking up too much space. For example, you can combine it with a cushion or a different type of support material on a wooden bench.

Benches can make your home’s entry area feel cozy and welcoming while creating an air of elegance. If you choose a bench with storage options in your patio or entry area, you can also use it as a shoe rack. Functionally, the bench features a shoe rack, helping people sit while putting on or taking off shoes.

2- Living Rooms
Cushioned benches are generally used as seating. If you have a colorful room, you may be interested in models designed using several color combinations with an interesting print job

In addition to adding beauty and function to home interiors, benches can also help divide your home spaces into two. It helps you divide the space into two from any point you want in large rooms or double room systems such as living room-dining room. For example, you can design a separate library or a separate relaxation area in your living room.

This furniture may also have built-in storage. The storage units of these furniture, which offer a functional usage advantage beyond aesthetics and comfort, are also very popular in modern decoration. After all, isn’t it all about creating a better living space?

3- Balconies and Terraces
It’s no surprise that balconies and terraces are a great place to place a wooden bench. Including benches in such open and semi-open areas opening to your home makes your home more inviting for your visitors. Benches should definitely complement the design and color scheme that the balcony has. The size of a bench on the balcony can depend on various factors and can be small or large depending on the size of the balcony. Often, a balcony bench is placed in the middle of the balcony. Depending on the view, it is necessary to choose furniture of appropriate height.

4- Study Rooms
Benches can provide really comfortable seating for children in the work area. Because they come in a variety of designs and print options, they’re easy to incorporate into your existing study room design aesthetic.

To make your work area look neat and tidy, you may want to consider purchasing furniture that includes a filing cabinet or bookcase. This furniture will help store documents or other stationery.

5- Bedrooms
It is possible to see bench models in almost every type of classic and modern bedrooms. In general, bedroom benches, which manufacturers offer as an option in their sets, are positioned at the foot of the bed. Some models without a back can be placed in front of the make-up table. In addition, windowsills in bedrooms are great areas where you want to place this furniture.

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