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What kind of Crystal Product you can find?

Crystal Lamb

The sizes and sizes of the crystal trinket models, which are generally used for decorative purposes, vary according to the varieties. Before the production process of the crystal trinkets that meet with you after going through many production stages, the models to be made are drawn.

After modeling and drawing, the mold of the crystal trinkets is made with the help of a 3D printer. Crystal trinket models, designed in accordance with the molds removed, pass to the decoration stage after this process. The crystal trinkets, which are processed using hand workmanship, are packaged after the final touches.

The sizes of crystal trinkets, which are mostly designed in small sizes, vary according to demand. The prices of the trinket models are determined according to the size, model and design.

Crystal Glass
Although some models of different types of glasses such as water glasses, coffee glasses, tea glasses and wine glasses do not have a crystal structure, they are made from a type of glass that counts as crystal. The reason why this type of glass, called crystal glass, differs from other types of glass, is the presence of lead in the crystal glass.

Crystal glass obtained by adding lead oxide into normal glass has a brighter appearance than normal glass types, and crystal glass is cut more easily than other glasses. Thanks to the cuts made on the surface of the crystal glass, this type of glass can look just like a real crystal.

Due to its crystal sparkles, different crystal glass models are produced from this material. Although crystal glass is used in the production of glass types, which are especially preferred for decorative purposes, it is also used in the production of glasses made for beverages such as tea and soft drinks in daily life.

The production of crystal glasses, which are more durable and longer-lasting than products made from normal glass, is more difficult than normal glass. The prices of crystal glasses, which are decorated with handwork from long and detailed stages such as cutting and polishing, vary according to the model, size and design. However, due to the difficulty of the production phase, the prices of crystal glasses are more expensive than glasses made from normal glass.

Crystal Lamb

Crystal Vase
The production process of crystal vase models, which is one of the most preferred decorative accessories to add elegance to homes, consists of many different stages. After the model and size of the vase to be made are determined, various patterns are drawn on the crystals that are cut and shaped in accordance with the model.

Among the popular crystal options used in the production of crystal vases are quartz, amethyst and rose quartz, which are also preferred in crystal sculpture. Crystal glass, which is generally used in the production of crystal glass types, is also included in the production of some crystal vase models.

Crystal vase types made with fine workmanship, like quartz crystal sculpture models, go through a detailed and difficult production process and take their places on the shelves. Therefore, crystal vase prices are higher than other vase models. Prices may vary depending on size, model and design. Therefore, it would be wrong to say anything clear about crystal vase prices.

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