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What Should Be Considered When Choosing Turkish made Placemats?

You can choose the appropriate one among the various cup sizes according to the plate or table size. The width of the product should be greater than the diameter of the plate. When the plates are placed on the plate, it provides an easy use when the placemat is a little large. Thus, the food falls on the plate instead of the tablecloth and an unpleasant appearance is prevented. You can bring your taste to the fore by choosing models that are compatible with dinnerware and tablecloths.


How Should Placemats Cleaning Be Done?


Types of spouts made of materials such as plastic or glass can be washed. However, models with details such as print or glitter are not suitable for machine washing. You can easily clean it by hand and at low temperature. You can wipe the materials that you need to keep away from water, such as wood, with a damp cloth. Thus, you can design a hygienic dining table. Wicker cover is a type of accessory that requires careful cleaning. Steam cleaners help to clean this model most effectively. You can provide a hygienic use by turning to easy-to-clean valve types.

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