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Curtain models: What should be the best choice for living rooms and rooms?

What should be considered when choosing curtain models? What are the curtain types? How to measure before buying curtains? You can find curtain models with fabric and style options and the technical details you need to know in this file.


In addition to providing privacy at home, be careful when choosing fabrics for furniture and fabrics, even curtains that protect you from UV rays and save energy and heat. For example, if you are in a hot climate and your window gets direct sunlight, choose linen or polyester fabrics instead of delicate fabrics such as silk.


In addition, black-out fabrics also save energy and heat. Motorized curtains, on the other hand, offer many advantages and comfort such as remote control, speed adjustment and one-button security integrated with home automation.


Consider what kind of light quality you want. If you want a relaxing and sunny atmosphere, make maximum use of natural light by using light tulle curtains. Reminiscent of freshness and modernity, cotton passes the light better if used without lining.


Do you want to create an alternative to the familiar white tulle? Red-white checkered tulle also serves the same function. It adds some liveliness and color to the environment while protecting your privacy. Prefer a warm light even in the darkest moments of winter? Yellow curtains are for you!


Roller blinds provide privacy when needed and invite natural light in. Moreover, there are endless fabric options that turn them into decorative items.


Lace is one of the most decorative of transparent or semi-permeable fabrics. They are more effective when used as straight wing curtains.


Make small windows look big and large windows small. To make small windows look bigger, mount the cornice or overhead cap on the window and equalize the lengths of the curtains in the same space.

Curtain fabrics are produced in many colors, patterns and textures. Be a little bold, create unexpected combinations. For example, you can create an interesting and layered look by applying one of the two curtain blades in the same window from muslin and the other from cotton.


The striking combination of blinds and blinds provides dramatic style and flexible light control. You can combine the blind with a two-winged, shirred curtain and headboard in the same window.


To accentuate a plain fabric curtain, sew stripes of patterned or colored fabric around the edge and top. Or, have a timeless look by completing black and white ‘toile de jouy’ curtains with red pompom edging stripes. Such surprises can add vitality and style to even the simplest act.


For a glitzy and luxurious effect, choose reflective and tactile silks.

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