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Details Matter on Tables: Cloth Napkin Folding Types

You chose a tablecloth for a stylish table, brought out the most beautiful dinnerware and even placed an elegant flower on the table. But is something still missing? So let’s remind you that beauty is in the details. Let’s make a difference in the decoration of your table by folding napkins in different ways.


First, choose a tablecloth that fits the purpose of your dinner party and matching napkins. For example, choose red or green napkins for Christmas, pastel colors for birthdays, and appetizing tones such as orange and yellow for breakfast. Don’t worry if you can’t find cloth napkins in every color. After all, our recommendations include paper napkin folding techniques. Don’t forget to take a look at Koçtaş kitchen textile page to choose a fabric tablecloth and napkin suitable for your living room!


Now, let’s move on to practical dining table napkin folding models with their explanations:


Cloth Napkin Folding Techniques

Before looking at what fabric napkin models are, let’s share a trick: In order to give the fabric napkins the shape you want, you must first iron them. You can even starch your napkins with starch to make them look fuller. If you are ready, let’s start adding elegance to your table with easy napkin folding ways:


Pine Tree Napkin Fold

You can apply this method to host the pine tree, which is a must for the New Year, on your table:

Fold the napkin in half. So you will get a rectangular shape.

Then fold the napkin in half from right to left to form a square.

Grab only one fold from the open side of the square, the folds visible end, and fold it back.

Fold the bottom layer to the same side; but not above the previous fold, but below it. Repeat this process until the folds of the napkin are finished. The napkin will be folded, resembling a fan.

Turn the napkin over and fold the right and left sides towards each other.

Turn the napkin over again.

When you fold the triangular ends inwards, it will take the shape of a pine tree.

You can make it look like a tree by putting cinnamon bark on the bottom of the napkin and anise on the top.



Bow Napkin Fold

You can decorate your table with a bow napkin for a warm and retro look. You can follow these steps to make the bow napkin, which is among the easy napkin folding ways:

Holding the pointed end of the napkin, fold it to the other side, that is, give it a triangle shape.

Fold the pointed end of the triangle up to the middle. Fold the base of the triangle up to the same point. Fold this fold once again to get a narrow and long napkin.

Bring both the right and left ends up to the middle of the napkin. Pull it down like the ends of a bow.

Shrink the napkin and put a loop in the middle.

Arrange the napkin by turning the front side. That is all!

You can take a look at the tips in our article “A Nostalgic Atmosphere: Retro Decoration Trend” to apply retro decoration to your entire home, not limited to the table.


With the Cloth Napkin Folding Technique: Simple Cone Napkin Folding

Although it is practical to make, you can follow these steps for this model, which looks very stylish on the table:


Fold the napkin in half.

Then fold it to the side. So you will get a square napkin.

The napkin you fold in half again will take the shape of a triangle.

Fold the two pointed ends of the napkin towards each other. Thread one end into the other and you get a loop.

Place the napkin upright on the plate. Good luck to you!


Ring Napkin Folding

The ring is one of the accessories that makes cloth napkins even more elegant. For napkin folding with a ring, which has a special place among the dining table napkin folding models, you only need to do the following:


Fold the napkin in half to form a triangle.

Bring the pointed ends of the triangle towards the middle to form a square.

Unfold the pointed sides you folded. Holding the end of the crease formed, fold it inwards. Do this for the other side as well. So you will get one big triangle and a small triangle below it.

Fold the pointed edges of the large triangles back.

Thread a loop through the pointed end of the napkin. You will get an image resembling a bouquet.

Paper Napkin Folding Techniques

Because cloth napkins are more bulky, they are usually used on the plate, and paper napkins are used next to the plate. So if you have enough space on your table, you can also choose paper napkins. In addition, if you are looking for easy napkin folding models because the paper folds more easily, these options are for you.

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