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Christmas Gift

What is the Importance of the Christmas Gift?

As the end of the year approaches, shopping malls, stores, houses and streets begin to be decorated with Christmas trees. While Christmas special products take their place in all stores, gift shopping begins in Turkey and abroad.

New Year’s Eve is the door to a new year, a road to new beginnings, and a special period in which a new life is started by leaving many habits. Lottery tickets, gift draws, New Year’s programs on TV, bingo, Christmas special gifts, decorations, and a dream night with our loved ones and a short vacation afterwards promises a happy and peaceful start to the new era. However, buying gifts for our loved ones on this special day is one of the most valuable habits that fulfill the meaning and importance of New Year’s Eve.

Well, have you ever wondered about the birth of the Christmas gift idea?

If the answer is yes, you can learn the importance of Christmas gifts thanks to this content. The act of gifting comes from at least as old as humanity and continues today. It is done in order to regulate the relationship between people, increase commitment and make love feel stronger. The importance of gift giving is done to make the people who are valuable to the individuals happy. When this action is done mutually, it spreads happiness personally and socially.

Christmas Gift

According to the information obtained from written sources, it has emerged that there were many traditions on gift giving in the Roman Empire. The importance of gifts given at special times such as New Year’s Eve and holidays draws attention. Christmas special gifts are given as a tribute to the prominent rulers of Rome. During this period, verbena collected from the forests of Strenia was given as a gift. Strenia is the goddess of health in the Roman Empire belief. At that time, herbal tea was made from verbena and presented as a Christmas gift. Over the years, the tradition of gift giving took on a deeper meaning and other gifts began to be added next to Verbena; They began to expand the tradition by presenting figs, dates and honey. When the church of the Roman Empire expanded its dominance in the West and East, all traditions specific to this religion were banned in order to erase the traces of the polytheistic religion. Among these prohibitions was giving Christmas gifts. But people loved giving gifts so much that they continued to secretly give gifts to each other despite all the prohibitions. With the enlightenment period, when the church began to reduce its influence and abolish all the prohibitions it brought one by one, the belief in gift giving began to transform and develop again. Along with gift giving, parties and banquets on New Year’s Eve were added to the action.

This is exactly how the Christmas gift gained importance in Europe and continued to develop. Giving Christmas gifts, which has gained a deep meaning in all nations and beliefs, has become an action done in the world. In the gift-giving adventure, the gift gained different meanings and took on different forms. Souvenirs changed over time and kept up with the times. Today, innovative, functional, technological and personal gifts are preferred.

A Christmas present is actually just a nice way to show that we remember our loved ones and how much we value them. The act of gifting is the reflection of the love between two people on objects. Especially if you have a personalized gift idea, you can make the other party happy by deepening the meaning of the gift.

Christmas Gift

Who Gets a Christmas Gift?
When it comes to Christmas gifts, ideas can be flying. In this regard, the main issue that you should base on when choosing a gift; How personal and special the gift you will receive should be, how much the person will like this type of gift. You should find a customizable gift in order to get the most accurate and beautiful gift within the budget range you have determined, to convey your tastes to the other party and to make them happy.

Who can you buy gifts for as New Year’s Eve approaches?

To your lover / spouse,

to your best friend,

to family members,

to your colleagues,

To your loved ones living abroad and whom you have not seen for a long time,

to family elders,

Those who decorate their house in accordance with the theme on New Year’s Eve,

For those who have a birthday on New Year’s Eve,

Christmas Gift

What are Christmas Special Gifts?

You can strengthen your communication with your loved ones and further your intimacy with gifts that can be bought at the New Year. As you enter the new year by giving gifts, you will leave beautiful traces to your relatives and you will always be remembered well. If you are considering a Christmas gift for a woman, you can buy a Christmas mug, coaster, trinket – statue, photo frame, candle holder and Christmas ornament. You can choose from ready-made design products, as well as upload your personal design thanks to the customizable option and present a gift that will only be found in the world to the person you love. Christmas gift ideas have endless options. You can choose from the red, white and green colors that are especially dominant in this theme. You can think of a key chain, Christmas mug, photo frame, trinket – sculpture in your choice of men’s Christmas gifts. Thanks to your customizable gifts, you can customize an ordinary design with your special touches and give a unique gift to the man you love.

1- Christmas Themed Mug

Thanks to the Christmas-themed mug, you can want to be alone with yourself at any time of the day, refresh your conversation with a hot drink in a crowded environment with your friends, or enjoy the evening with your lover. You will fully experience the spirit of the New Year thanks to special Christmas-themed mugs that will add vitality and energy to your living spaces with patterns designed in accordance with the meaning and importance of the day. The mug gift, which can be easily bought for both men and women, is one of the only products that will make people happy. Thanks to the customizable option, you can print your personalized design on the mug and present a valuable gift to your loved one.

2- Christmas Themed Tray
The tray, which is one of the important kitchen utensils needed at breakfast, tea and coffee times on New Year’s Day, gained a more special and meaningful design and took on a New Year’s theme. This product, which is mostly preferred as a Christmas gift to women, will be a great gift for individuals who want to have a different look in home style. It will be a specific gift alternative especially for individuals who color and decorate their kitchen and living room with the Christmas theme. It is produced from solid material in order not to spill the food and drinks on the tray during transportation. Appealing to every decoration and usage preference, the tray is decorated with a Christmas theme, allowing individuals to experience unique emotions.

3 – Christmas Themed Magnet
It will help you explain the value you give to your loved ones and the special detail in choosing a gift with magnets with a special message for the New Year. Whether it’s a woman or a man, the kitchen is the area where the most time is spent in the day. The refrigerator, which is the most colorful corner of the house, will be a pleasant surprise for your loved ones thanks to the Christmas-themed magnet, which is your gift. By evaluating the customizable option among the ready-made design options, you can make a personalized design and present a gift that no one else has.

4- Christmas Themed Photo Frame
Photos are the permanent memory of the most beautiful and special times you spent with your loved ones. It is in the category of the most beautiful and valuable gifts for your lover, friend and family member, whether to be displayed in the office or at home. You can change and personalize the Christmas themed photo frame, which is the most preferred product among the Christmas gift suggestions, according to the size and design suitable for the place to be used.

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