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Where to Buy Wholesale Gifts?


What is Wholesale Souvenirs?

wholesale souvenirs; is the production of a multitude of souvenir products in a certain number of packages. Souvenir products, which can be produced in small or multiple numbers of a determined souvenir design, provide the opportunity to purchase in wholesale. There are many parameters to consider when choosing wholesale souvenirs made by corporate companies that produce. Unlike procurement and retail processes, it is important that the products can be purchased at more affordable prices than the market price, in multiple quantities and according to convenient payment terms, in wholesale souvenir buying and selling.

Souvenirs, which are the most preferred in wholesale sales and have a high sales potential, are bought and offered for sale in wholesale at affordable prices. The companies that will prefer to buy wholesale souvenirs are very diverse, such as touristic businesses, sales stores in historical places, shops, terminals, airports, sightseeing areas, museums, shopping centers, souvenir sales stands. Quality materials, original design, workmanship and rich variety, as well as reasonable prices, uninterrupted and regular production, fast delivery are very important in wholesale souvenir purchases. The production number, price and logistics processes of souvenir products with high sales potential, as well as professional wholesale, are the issues that companies that will make wholesale purchases especially focus on.

If you have a commercial company that sells souvenirs, you will need to buy souvenirs wholesale. Considering customer satisfaction, it is very important for you to choose corporate companies that have a rich and quality product range and will be your business partners with product guarantee, service guarantee and delivery processes. You can research where to buy wholesale souvenirs for your souvenir shops. Buying affordable and inexpensive wholesale souvenirs is one of the most important elements for your sales profit. When purchasing wholesale, it will be important to choose places with affordable prices.

Wholesale souvenirs consist of products with high sales potential, which are especially preferred for sale at touristic sightseeing points. As souvenirs preferred for souvenir-memory purposes at touristic sightseeing points; There are products with a very rich variety and design models such as magnets, key chain openers, china products, glasses, mirrors, wallets, bags, trinkets. It is always important for them to be produced in high quality wholesale with the same design feature, to be continuously available, to be durable and qualified. While companies can create their own unique designs in accordance with the purpose of purchasing wholesale souvenirs, the souvenir should have the possibility to be customized. When choosing companies that offer wholesale services, it will always be important to choose corporate companies where you can get product features, quality workmanship, supply and logistics services and after-sales support you want to buy wholesale.

You can quickly purchase your souvenirs from Allamex, which has a variety of more than 8000 souvenirs using very rich materials such as wood, glass, metal, epoxy, polyester, plastic, tile, ceramic, porcelain, seashell, zamak, silver, leather, textile products. You can buy wholesale reliably and easily, take advantage of the online shopping opportunity and get the advantage of affordable prices without wasting time.

You can buy wholesale wooden souvenir products from Allamex, which combines original designs and quality production. You can evaluate the options suitable for your budget by taking advantage of the wholesale prices of wooden souvenirs in wholesale purchases.

By purchasing wholesale authentic souvenirs, you can enrich your shelves in your corporate outlets and attract the attention of your customers. You can buy glass souvenirs wholesale, order by taking advantage of the reasonable price, and buy them with quality packaging and fast logistics service.

What are the Most Preferred Wholesale Souvenirs?

The most preferred products for wholesale souvenirs are generally those that are portable and have unique designs. You can buy the products you want for your company in wholesale from the rich souvenir range of Allamex. Allamex is the best and most successful business partner in wholesale souvenirs for tourist souvenir shops, showrooms, corporate businesses. You can buy Allamex quality production and original design gifts online with peace of mind and attract the attention of your customers. In order to differentiate from your competitors and enrich your shelves, you can buy the most preferred wholesale souvenirs at affordable prices and evaluate the campaign options. Allamex has the most preferred wholesale product selection with its handmade souvenir wholesale. You can also browse the product range, see the most preferred options, and place an order by customizing the designs you want wholesale, by logging into Allamex’s online site, where you can buy souvenirs in wholesale.

The most preferred types of wholesale souvenirs are as follows:

Magnet, Key chain, Tile, Opener, Glass

1. Magnet
Among the cheapest wholesale souvenirs, the most preferred products are magnets. Magnet souvenirs are very popular products that everyone receives more than once during their visits, thanks to their easily transportable and affordable prices. Magnet souvenirs are products used in refrigerator covers, offices and often preferred for collections. Wholesale souvenir magnet products are products made of metal, epoxy, plastic, wood materials and decorated with different visuals. You can buy wholesale magnet souvenirs in your corporate companies and touristic showrooms to enrich your shelves and to impress with the variety of souvenirs. You can customize wholesale magnet gifts and take advantage of affordable prices for wholesale purchases. You can buy magnets online from Allamex, customize the magnets with the designs you want, and order quickly and easily. Allamex is Turkey’s largest souvenir and magnet manufacturers. You can benefit from the services of Allamex, which offers wholesale magnet purchases with its long years of experience and quality production. You can buy a wide variety of wholesale magnet souvenirs, take advantage of reasonable prices and offer them for sale with confidence in order to differentiate from your competitors, attract the attention of your customers and enrich your shelves.

Wholesale magnet souvenirs are listed below:

Wood, Pine, Sea shell, Epoxy, Eva, Metal, Plastic, Polyester, Transparent Polyester, Ceramic, Stone

2. Keychain
Key chain souvenirs are products with ergonomic and minimal dimensions, produced using a wide variety of materials such as high quality metal, wood, epoxy, and with original models. You can buy wholesale keychain gifts in different shapes such as square, round, hearted, rectangular. You can take advantage of affordable prices by ordering wholesale gift keychains. You can design your own models in original forms to offer for sale in your corporate companies and touristic souvenir shops and to decorate your shelves. You can customize wholesale keychain souvenirs and make wholesale purchases quickly and easily. You can customize and design different key chain models for your corporate companies and differentiate with models that are not available to your competitors. You can order keychain souvenirs wholesale from Allamex’s online site, customize them, and buy them safely by taking advantage of reasonable prices.

Wholesale keychain souvenirs are listed below:

Wood, Pine, Tile, Sea shell, Epoxy, Metal, Plastic, Polyester, Transparent Polyester

3. Tile
Tile products are products that have handmade features and are produced as high quality and stylish. You can take advantage of the wholesale purchase opportunity for handmade china products. By ordering tile souvenirs wholesale, you can get affordable prices and take advantage of the campaign options. You can place a wholesale order by customizing the color of the model you want from a very rich variety of souvenir products produced using tile materials. In addition, tile gifts are produced uninterruptedly with their handmade feature and fast service is offered in wholesale. By taking advantage of Allamex’ online shopping opportunity, you can order wholesale china souvenirs for your corporate businesses and showrooms at affordable prices, create customizable models and make wholesale purchases with confidence. In order to differentiate from your competitors and enrich your shelves, you can get high quality and fast service by ordering original china souvenirs wholesale.

Tile gift types with rich usage areas are listed below:

Tile Bowl, Tile Mug, Tile Breakfast Set, Tile Vase, Tile Trinket Sculpture

4. Bottle opener
Wholesale opener products are souvenirs made of metal and epoxy materials, with a map of Turkey, bottles, sized figures such as cats, fish, butterflies, turtles and butterflies, on which different and local patterns such as city, nature and drawing are decorated with digital printing. The sizes of gift openers, which are used to open classic capped soft drinks and other beverages, vary between 6 cm and 13 cm. Opening products, mostly magnetic models, can be used for decorative purposes alongside the magnets displayed on the refrigerator, and their different forms with holes can be attached to the ends of the key chains. Openers, which are among the most preferred products as wholesale souvenirs, are among the affordable options for wholesale purchases with their easy-to-carry, convenient and ergonomic features. You can examine the products to be opened on the online shopping site of Allamex, order the models you want in wholesale, and get the opportunity to get affordable prices. You can place a fast and easy wholesale order by creating different designs yourself to enrich the shelves of your corporate companies in a unique form with the customizable feature of the gift item that will open for wholesale orders.

5. Glass
Wholesale gift mug and glass products have high quality and functional features. You can order any number of mug and glass products in wholesale, and you can take advantage of the customizable design feature. Wholesale mug and glass products vary according to their intended use and size. You can personalize your shelves by creating designs specific to your corporate sales place and businesses, and you can benefit from the wholesale purchase of quality and stylish glass products. By creating as many wholesale orders as you want, you can place your wholesale orders consisting of a wide variety of single, double, quadruple and six-packs such as glasses, mugs, shot glasses, raki glasses, beer glasses, tea glasses. In addition, by taking advantage of the reasonable price opportunity in wholesale purchases, you can create your orders quickly and easily, and you can reach your products with the reliable logistics network. You can also benefit from the possibility of special and hand-made glass products in wholesale form.

The types of glasses are listed below:

Glass, Tile cup, porcelain cup, ceramic cup

Where to Buy Wholesale Souvenirs Easiest?
Souvenir manufacturer Allamex is the best souvenir wholesaler in Turkey for wholesale purchases with its rich product variety, fast and uninterrupted supply of products. With its high potential in the wholesale of souvenirs, Allamex reaches its customers in the best way by managing each of the production, sales and promotion stages of souvenirs and all other processes by itself. Allamex’ souvenirs offer special and handmade, customizable designs, product demonstrations and after-sales support. Tourist wholesale souvenirs; It has a wide range of magnets, key chains, tiles, openers, glasses, mirrors, mugs, bags, wallets. Allamex offers service with its unique models, affordable pricing and reliable logistics processes by producing high quality, easily portable, stylish and functional products with designs suitable for people from all cultures in its variety of souvenirs. Allamex, which is your best business partner and supplier for your businesses and corporate purchases, provides fast and reliable online shopping service, allowing you to order wholesale souvenirs as you want without spending unnecessary time and creating extra expenses. gives. You can customize the models in the product catalogs in order to display them on the shelves and showrooms of your businesses and to be appreciated by your customers.


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