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How can we harmonize the Rectangle Rugs produced in Turkey with other products?

Living rooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in our homes. By creating exclusive decoration ideas, a difference can be made in the halls. Even the very small changes you make in the living room make your living room spacious and ergonomic. Furniture, Rectangle Rug, curtain, wall and floor colors change the energy of the living room.


Lighting and lighting used in the living room are also important details that add color to the living room. An important part of the living room is the accessories used. Adding color to your home will also add color to your life. If the parquets you use in your living room are light-colored, you can leave the parquets exposed by using a small Rectangle Rug. This provides a more spacious look in the living room.


There are some practical decorating ideas you can use when decorating large square meters or small square meters homes. One of these practical methods is to replace the upholstery without completely replacing the new furniture. Here are some practical decorating ideas:



Using Accessories

One of the best ways to add color and energy to the living room is to use accessories. Choosing these accessories, which you can use on coffee tables, showcases and shelves, especially as handmade, will completely change the atmosphere of the room. However, using accessories with memories or stories will also add a personal touch to your home.


Using Flowers and Plants


You can bring spring to every corner of your living room by using live flowers. Positioning the plants and flowers you grow in pots changes the atmosphere of the living room. For example, you can put them on your shelves or use a hanging flowerpot. The live flowers you display in vases of your choice will bring freshness to your living room and refresh the air of your living room.


Inspired by Contradictions

The soul of a place depends on the light it receives and its colors. The contrasts used in the halls also reveal the spirit of that space. In addition, the contrasts used in the hall reveal your creativity. Although your living room may seem aggressive at first, over time, a harmony of contrasts will emerge.


Using a Mirror

Especially in small living rooms, using mirrors makes the living room look more spacious and wider. You can find many mirror models suitable for your style. Mirrors are a complementary accessory in the decoration of your living room. The mirror adapts to any style of decoration. Even if you have a modern or classic living room decoration, you can add a different atmosphere to your living room by using a mirror.

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