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Things to Consider When Choosing a Rug Produced in Turkey

How to Choose Rectangle Rug Color?


When designing your living spaces, should we choose a Rectangle Rug first and then choose all the decoration items to complement the Rectangle Rug? Or should we choose the Rectangle Rug as the final touch? Some interior designers say that the choice of the Rectangle Rug is correct first, and this statement is an indication of how important the Rectangle Rug plays in decoration. However, it is often not possible to start the decoration with the Rectangle Rug selection. Most of the time, you need to choose Rectangle Rugs in your decorated living spaces. In this case, how to choose the Rectangle Rug, which is the most important part of the decoration with its color, pattern, dimensions? How important is color in Rectangle Rug selection? How should we choose the Rectangle Rug color?


Tips to help you choose your Rectangle Rug:

Is it one color? Is it patterned?


When it comes to Rectangle Rugs, you will find Rectangle Rugs that will suit your taste and living space among the beautiful classic and modern Rectangle Rug options of many distinguished brands waiting for you at Allamex. In order not to get lost among all these options, you first need to decide whether to buy a single color or patterned Rectangle Rug for the room where you will use the Rectangle Rug. If multiple patterns are used together in items such as furniture upholstery, curtains, and cushions in your room, we recommend choosing single-color Rectangle Rugs to reduce clutter. You can use self-patterned single-color Rectangle Rugs, Rectangle Rugs consisting of very close tones and intensifying neutral colors in your rooms with abundant patterns.

If your furniture upholstery is monochromatic, if patterns are used in accessories such as cushions and curtains, you can choose a patterned Rectangle Rug. When choosing your patterned Rectangle Rug, you should pay attention to the fact that the most dominant or secondary color is the color of your furniture upholstery.



Preference of Warm, Warm or Cold Colors


Undoubtedly, colors have a great effect on providing the desired environment in your living spaces. The use of warm colors is common in northern and eastern cultures. In the south and west, the preference of cold colors stands out.

Colors such as yellow, orange or bluish red should be chosen to make your living space warmer. Colors such as blue or yellowish green can be preferred to make the room cooler.

Viewing one room from another room offers two options. These rooms will either be connected using common colors or will be separated from each other by decorating them with different colors. The fact that the Rectangle Rugs on the floors of the two rooms are different helps in separating the rooms.

If you have a pet and it is constantly shedding, the Rectangle Rug of the room where it will be found should be the same color as the animal’s hair, so that the necessity of constantly vacuuming the Rectangle Rug is eliminated.

Furniture in the room is also important in choosing the color of the Rectangle Rug.


Preference of Light, Medium and Dark Tones


Light colors give a refreshing effect. The effect of dark colors is relaxing and warm. Mid-tone shadows do not make any difference in our perception. While the light reflecting feature of light colors makes the rooms brighter, the light absorption feature of dark colors will give the room a darker appearance. The most important feature of the medium tones is the easy cleaning of these color Rectangle Rugs. While white colors show dirt immediately, lint formed as a result of piling on dark Rectangle Rugs appears more clearly.


Preference of Dull, Softened and Bright Colors


Brightly colored Rectangle Rugs add liveliness to the room and are not suitable if a calm room environment is desired. Colors softened by adding a little gray can be preferred in calm environments where you will spend a long time. If the room is used frequently and the Rectangle Rug is worn, neutral, dull or soft colors should be preferred because these colors camouflage the dirt.


Rectangle Rugs According to the Energies of Colors


When you want to add color to a room, replacing the Rectangle Rug is a cleaner and easier option than changing the color of the walls. You can choose a vibrant color that you like and match the furniture as an accent color, and you can choose the color of your Rectangle Rug in this accent color along with a few accessories in the room. Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow are high-energy colors.


Burgundy, orange or hunter green rugs are often classic and traditional looking. Bright blue, yellow, red and light green rugs can be suitable for Scandinavian or vice versa beach house style rooms, depending on the style of furniture. Black, gray or white Rectangle Rugs are more often preferred in rooms decorated in a contemporary style.

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