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How to Clean Fluffy Chair Pads?

Chairs are one of the most used items in homes. However, chairs are available in different shapes according to their usage areas and production methods. Chairs used especially in gardens and balconies are among the types of chairs that are difficult to find with sponges. However, the lack of sponge reduces the comfort of the chairs and causes discomfort. Fluffy Chair Padss are used to prevent this situation.


However, Fluffy Chair Padss, which are generally used outdoors, also get dirty much faster than sofa Fluffy Chair Padss. The period of contamination of Fluffy Chair Padss is directly related to the environment in which they are used, as well as the frequency and form of use. The right methods should be used to clean the Fluffy Chair Padss that need frequent washing due to such reasons. Because if the right methods are not applied, the function of your Fluffy Chair Padss or deterioration in their form may occur. In addition, results such as color change and stain formation that will not affect your comfort but will spoil your eye pleasure may occur.


Fluffy Chair Pads Cleaning Methods

1-) Cleaning with a Washing Machine

The most practical method to clean Fluffy Chair Padss is washing in the washing machine. The only point you need to pay attention to is the form of your Fluffy Chair Padss and the materials used in their construction. In the construction of your Fluffy Chair Pads, a thin sponge is used as the inner material and if the outer fabric is a type of fabric suitable for machine washing, you can easily wash it in the washing machine by spinning at low temperature at low speed.


2-) Cleaning by Hand Washing

You can easily wash all of your Fluffy Chair Padss by hand washing. Because hand washing will give very good results regardless of the type and material of your Fluffy Chair Pads. The reason for this is that you have the chance to use the right materials by applying the appropriate processes according to the type of your Fluffy Chair Pads. It is an ideal method especially for thick and fiber mattresses.


For this, prepare a basin the width of the Fluffy Chair Pads in order not to damage the form of your Fluffy Chair Pads. Then put your Fluffy Chair Pads in the basin and fill it with warm water. Then add a laundry detergent or shampoo that matches the color of your mattress. If oily stains are formed on the mattress, using dish soap as a detergent will provide you with more effective results.


After selecting the appropriate detergent, wash thoroughly by applying pressure without pressing. If there is heavy dirt, soak the Fluffy Chair Padss in the water you have prepared for half an hour and then apply the washing process. After the washing process is finished, you can rinse it with plenty of water and leave it to dry. Take care not to hang the Fluffy Chair Padss during the drying process. You can put it on a wide cloth or towel, or you can dry it easily by laying it on a clothesline.

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