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Decorating Ideas for Home Innovation with Turkish Products

Home decoration is of great importance for everyone. If decoration is also valuable to you, you can find the latest decoration trends and decoration ideas in this article.


It wants to make innovations in home decoration; but when you want to make a change, are you afraid of going under the heavy costs? So, listen to these ideas! We have brought together stylish and economical decoration ideas for you that you can apply all over the house. At work; From the balcony to the living room, from the living room to the bedroom, from the study to the kitchen, different and practical decoration ideas for every part of your home:


Bring the Winds of Innovation in the Bedroom

The easiest way to make changes in bedroom decoration is to change the headboard. Separate the headboard you are using from the bedstead; You can install a different headboard that is compatible with the bedstead instead. Or, it can cover the wall where the head of the bed coincides with three-dimensional, decorative wall panels; With a different wallpaper or paint application, you can change the appearance of the headboard in an economical and practical way.



Use the Spaces in the Hall Efficiently

In order to make changes in the living room decoration, you can try to differentiate the existing layout in the first place. Thus, you can create new spaces in the space and look for ways to evaluate these spaces efficiently. For example, you can set up a reading corner in newly opened empty corners; You can redecorate your window fronts with second-hand antique armchairs and coffee tables. You can create a vintage corner by using the lace dowry waiting in the chest in this corner.






Make a Wall Decoration in the Living Room

You can use various wall decorations to make the living room decoration both more useful and more aesthetic. Can use decorative shelves as bookcase or open storage; With the old pictures you will place in colorful frames, you can equip this place, which is one of the areas where the family spends the most time, with frames of your happy memories.



Create a Comfort Corner on Small Balconies

The feeling of “congestion”, which is a physically negative feature, makes small balconies more charming. It is easier to create a warm and friendly atmosphere on such balconies. You can make a sweet balcony decoration where you will enjoy the summer evenings with decorative lanterns that you will place on a small balcony table and chair set, hydrangeas, bougainvillea and dreamcatchers hanging from the ceiling, which you will hang on the balcony railings. If you want, you can create a small comfort corner on your balcony with the cushions you will throw on it by cutting the wooden pallets in suitable sizes for your balcony; You can enjoy the balcony with your friends, family or alone.



Decorating Ideas That Make You Happy in the Kitchen

These suggestions are perfect for those who spend most of their time in the kitchen at home! You can start by writing a cute board with “kitchen rules” on the walls. You can decorate your kitchen walls with wall accessories that will remind you to smile more, love and be happy by making personalized wall decors. If you like the nostalgic kitchen decorations, you can paint the old-style tereks a vivid color such as alaçatı blue and hang them on the kitchen wall; You can add a whole new color to your kitchen with a little touch.

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