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How to keep clean Tile Jugs?

Tile Jug

If the Tile Jug in which liquid drinks such as water and fruit juice are put consists of glass; it starts to lose its former shine after a while. Moreover, this image cannot be removed no matter how much the Tile Jugs are cleaned and causes an undesirable bad image.

In order to prevent the water put into the Tile Jug from damaging the Tile Jug, the water should be changed constantly and the jug should be cleaned. In this way, the yellowness at the bottom of the Tile Jug will also disappear.

Having too much lime in the water causes the desired bright image to be replaced by darkening and lime stains after a while, even if the Tile Jug is cleaned very well. In order to prevent this, lemon salt can be used to clean the Tile Jug, which has a bad appearance due to limescale stains.

After adding a little lemon salt into the Tile Jug, the boiling water on it should be poured. The limescale will thus disappear with the boiling salted and lemon water. It is sufficient to repeat this process in Tile Jug with thick layered limes.

Papers are the first thing that can be used by those who do not know what needs to be done to improve this image after the brightness of the Tile Jug used at home or at work decreases. The torn papers are filled halfway into the jug and then a little hot water is added on top.

Afterwards, after the Tile Jug was shaken very nicely, the Tile Jug may have taken its former bright state. One of the biggest problems of Tile Jug is their constant contamination.

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