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Increase your energy at home with the right color selection

While you spend most of your time at home, the environment where you get away from stress when you come from work is your home, it is a proven fact that the energy effects of colors that seriously affect human psychology, such as it will help you start the day well when you wake up in the morning and fall asleep comfortably at night. The colors you choose in your home are very important.


It helps you to decorate your home in a wonderful way, as well as triggering your creativity, resting, raising your energy, choosing shades that improve your psychology. In this article, we will talk about house paint colors and alternatives that will increase your energy and make you feel good at home. Let’s take the most preferred colors in order…


Positive Energy of Yellow


The color yellow represents being positive not only in homes but in all areas in general. You may have read in many places that the color yellow has an aura that invites happiness, joy and hope. This is a proven fact in psychology. You can choose soft tones of yellow in your home and complete your decoration with more vibrant home textiles. In fact, we can say that the yellow tone used in houses that are not exposed to the sun is much more effective.


Calming Pink


The color pink, which alleviates negative emotions such as anger, aggression and anger, is a symbol of calmness. This type of pink, which has a soothing effect on tiring emotions, makes people feel positive. You can always make you feel positive by evaluating the color of pink and the tones of pink on the walls of your home. By combining the color pink with red, white and pink tones, you will increase the energy of your home, and your friends who come to your house and the animals you keep at home will also have a positive effect.


Like in Nature; Green


When people get bored, they want to throw themselves into nature, or when they pass by a forest, they are usually drawn into the air and dream while watching the wonderful view of nature. As it can be understood from here, green color has many relaxing and calming effects in terms of people’s nervous system and psychology. When green is mentioned in every moment of your life, it is always referred to as a natural color. With the green color you will use in your home, you can always find yourself in the peace created by nature. You can create more calmness with the furniture and accessories that you will complete on your green walls by being inspired by nature, and you can create a wonderful decoration in your home. Nature is quite inspiring for this. For example, you can create your own style by combining brown sofas that are suitable for green walls.


Indispensable and Fresh Cream Color and Shades


Cream color contains many color tones and you can easily use many different colors when decorating your homes with walls painted with this color. Cream color is a naive and plain color. While cream tone represents spacious and bright, it is among the simplest colors to be decorated with different decorations and home textiles according to different tones. Especially preferred in small houses, creams and tones contribute to the appearance of small and narrow spaces.



Wall Paint Color Reflecting Light


While the color that reflects light best is white, black does not reflect light at all. In other words, every color reflects light except black. LRV is one of the most important issues that architects pay attention to in decorations. That is the light reflectance value. This means the measure of the light reflected on the surface. If you want the light to reflect and always look brighter in your home, it is necessary to turn to light tones in color selection. To give an example of paint colors that will increase the LRV value, that is, reflect the light in the best way: Blue, Grey, Yellow, Green, Cream and their tones. If your house receives little or no light, you don’t have to make a choice that it should be white. Of course, choosing light tones will make your job easier, but you can decorate your house as you wish in the color tones I mentioned above.


The Color You Choose Reflects Your Home Style


While decorating our homes, which are our living spaces, you will feel better when you decorate according to whatever you want and you will feel yourself belong in the area you are in. You can reveal the style of your home by choosing colors according to your own taste or the intensity of emotion you want. If you want naturalness, you can choose the colors of nature such as green and its tones, linden, and if you want a modern style, you can choose from blue, gray and tones. You will be able to choose the one that suits your taste and style among the colors with many characters, such as these colors, and decorate your home in line with your own style and call it my home.


Wall Color Selection for Furniture


The colors of wall paints are actually the secret of good design. In other words, the wall paint used in the east is the biggest factor in the design. The wall color you choose to match your furniture. Correctly chosen wall paint color not only adds variety and depth to the living room or space, but also adds a sense of calmness, happiness, modernity and peace.

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