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What are Gift Tile Products?

Tile Products

Tile is a traditional product decorated with handicraft motifs in terms of its characteristics. Tile products made with handmade special workmanship and shaped by using different visual motifs differ in terms of their features. It is a wide variety of products such as plates, vases, mugs, cup sets, bowls, various trinkets, key chains, magnets, coasters, saucers, china objects, china jewelry made of china.

They are widely used as tile ornaments. Tile products are among the most preferred ones, especially as souvenirs. When you look at what to buy as a gift from china, you come across many options. Tile souvenirs; tile gift plates, china gift bowls, china jewelry gifts, china vase gifts, magnets, key chains, cups, mugs, wall decorations, trinkets, statues, coasters, saucers, candle holders, service sets. Among these, plate tile souvenirs are among the options with a wide variety of embossed and printed, in terms of different designs, colors and sizes.

Tile model gifts are the kind of gifts you can find everywhere among the souvenir products. Tile souvenirs are decorated with traditional motifs and embossed with handwork. Since tile gift products are specially produced and designed products, they are the products that are especially chosen when buying gifts. In addition, tile ceramic gift products are products that you can buy as a gift.

You can buy tile souvenirs from Allamex, one of the gift shops, that are handcrafted with tile motifs and special ornaments. In addition, you can view customizable design gift tile products, products in different colors and varieties, and buy wholesale.

1. Tile Keychain
This product, which is made with tile key chain, traditional motif ornaments and handicraft, is used for attaching keys. There are various traditional motif embroideries and designs of tile key chains. These handcrafted keychains are a product that you can buy as a unique gift in terms of quality and design. You can use tile key holders for personal use as you can insert your house or vehicle keys. You can find tile keychains in various designs and sizes on Allamex, you can safely shop online and buy them as gifts for your loved ones.

2. Tile Trinket-Sculpture
Tile trinket-sculptures are unique products used for decorative purposes, handcrafted in various patterns and shapes, and designed with traditional motifs. Trinkets are available in different models and designs. Tile figurines and sculptures can be used for decorative purposes in homes and offices. Tile figurines and sculptures, which you can use in different places as you wish, are products with original designs that you can choose in terms of color and size. Sculptures are also widely used for decorative purposes in hotels and accommodation. You can safely buy your souvenirs individually and wholesale from the Allamex souvenir site.

3. Tile Bowl
Tile bowls are a product that is made by hand in different colors and sizes, contains traditional tile motifs and ornaments, and is mostly used for decorative purposes. Tile bowls are products that are produced in various colors and models with handwork and a quality design. Tile bowls have models with or without feet. These bowls are produced in various sized sizes. In addition, the embossed motifs on it vary according to the products. It is a product that you can use for decorative purposes in your home or office. You can visit the website of Allamex, an online gift shop for china bowls, to examine the product catalog and shop with confidence. Ceramic bowls with traditional motifs are a product that you can safely choose as a gift.

4. Tile Tea Cup
Tile tea cups and tea sets are products containing traditional tile motif decorations. This product, which is generally used in tea treats, can be preferred in terms of its originality. However, it is mostly used for decorative purposes because it is handmade and a product produced with special workmanship. Because hot substances can damage the product structure, it is important to use it carefully. Tile tea glass products have various features in terms of colors and patterns. You should decide accordingly when choosing this product. You can view tile tea glass gifts on Allamex and you can make wholesale purchases by using the online shopping opportunity with confidence.

5. Tile Bell
A tile bell is a product that is specially designed by hand and is generally used as an object. Tile bells used for decorative purposes vary in terms of their types and features. Tile bells are available in different designs, colors and sizes. Tile bells are products made with quality production and handcrafted embossed original designs. You can decide according to their features when buying tile bell gifts. You can look at a wide variety of china bell gift products on the Allamex website and make wholesale purchases.

6. Tile Wall Plate
Tile wall plates are a product containing embossed motifs that are specially produced by hand and used decoratively with original traditional designs. As a usage area, it can be used in your homes and workplaces for decorative purposes. The area you can use varies according to the design of the tile wall plates. You can buy a wide variety of specially produced and specially designed tile wall plates as gifts for your loved ones. You can view the detailed images of tile wall plates gifts, get information about the product features and variety, and buy them with confidence by shopping individually or wholesale online at Allamex.

7. Tile Vase
Tile vases are one of the products in which tile art is uniquely reflected. Tile vases are a product used for decorative purposes. Tile vases are widely used with a variety of designs. gift china vases; These are products that you can often use for decorative purposes in your home, workplace or store. There are also types of tile vases that you can put artificial flowers in. You can find tile vases decorated with embossed motifs in various designs and in various production quality. You can visit the website of Allamex, which sells quality and original tile products, and look at the images of tile vase types. You can also order wholesale and shop online with confidence.

What are Handmade Gift Tile Products?
Handmade china products; plates, paintings, vases, various objects, cups, teacups, etc. There are varieties. Also other souvenir tile products are:

  • Tile Trimmer
  • Tile Ashtray
  • Tile Mug
  • Turkish Flag Gift Tile Keychain
  • Tile Coasters and Spoons
  • Tile Cup Set
  • Tile Presentation Set
  • Tile Candle Holder
  • Tile Cookie
  • Tile Sugar Bowl
  • Tile Teapot
  • Tile Tray
  • Tile Ashura
  • Tile Censer
  • Tile Incense Holder
  • Tile Snapdragon
  • Tile Bottle Stopper
  • Tile Pomegranate Set
  • Tile Cookie Holder
  • Tile Tea Plate
  • Tile Napkin Holder
  • Tile Star Team
  • Tile Wall Decoration
  • Tile Jewelry Box
  • Tile Powder
  • Tile Decorative Box
  • Tile Jug
  • Tile Ewer
  • Tile Teapot
  • Tile Drop Bottle

Who Can Buy Tile Souvenirs?
Tile souvenir products are souvenirs that you can buy to your family members, friends, colleagues, relatives and everyone around you. You can also buy it for people who love traditional handicrafts and have a special interest in them.

Tile souvenirs are products that you can buy as holiday gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for special occasions, home gifts, workplace gifts.

How to Care for Gift Tile Products?
The care of gift tile products varies according to the structure of the tile product. Some tile products are cleaned only by wiping with a soft cloth. It is necessary to maintain the gift tile products in a way that does not damage the design on it and does not spoil its texture. Special care products for tile are available. When buying gift tile products, you should definitely get information about how to care and clean them. The care of tile souvenirs varies according to the type and should be carefully protected as they are sensitive products.

Can Gift Tile Products Be Washed In The Dishwasher?
Before washing gift tile products in the dishwasher, you should definitely decide by looking at the product’s instructions for use. Some souvenir tiles are products that you can wash according to whether the dishwasher is suitable for washing the tiles. Some tiles, on the other hand, are dishwasher safe due to the material produced. In addition, you should definitely find out from the place where you bought the product whether the souvenir tiles can be washed in the dishwasher. Although some dishwashers are capable of washing souvenir tile products, you should always be cautious about the risk of scratching them.


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