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What are Gift Ceramic Products?

Ceramic Products

Ceramic obtained by mixing materials such as powder, water, soil and clay; It is used in the production of various items such as mugs, trinkets, sculptures and wall plates. The ceramic material produced using the listed materials is shaped, and then it is ensured that the ceramic takes its original shape under high temperature in a furnace.

Ceramic is one of the main materials widely used in the production of souvenirs. Ceramic, which is used in the production of souvenirs such as bowls, plates, watches, photo frames and napkins, is also the main material for many accessories preferred for home decoration.

Since ceramic material has high resistance to water and cleaning materials, it is common to use ceramics in the production of souvenirs. Extremely unique designs are used in ceramic souvenirs, which can be used for a long time.

Ceramic gift products with an elegant and modern look are stylish objects that you can present to your loved ones on special occasions. Ceramic gift items, which can be used while decorating the house or workplace, are often preferred because they can be easily combined with other accessories in the decoration.

Ceramic Trinket-Sculpture

Ceramic figurines and sculpture models are decorative accessories used in interior decoration. Ceramic figurines and sculptures, which can be preferred for home decoration or office decoration, bring a completely different atmosphere to the area where they are used. The figures of each of the ceramic figurines and sculptures designed in different sizes are also different.

Vivid colors such as red, blue, white and green are used in ceramic figurines and sculptures designed in various forms such as caftan, whirling dervish, dervish, pomegranate and apple. Ceramic figurines and sculptures are generally preferred in interior spaces such as living room, kitchen, living room or study.

In addition to using ceramic figurines and sculptures as decorative objects, you can also give them as gifts to your loved ones. Ceramic souvenirs that you can present to your mother, close friend or lover will be a stylish and useful gift.

Ceramic Wall Plate
Ceramic wall plates are one of the most interesting souvenirs among gift ceramic products. A different theme is used in each model of ceramic wall plates produced in different sizes such as 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm and 26 cm. In addition to the city-themed ceramic wall plate models, there are also wall plate models where personalized design can be used.

You can gift these wall plates to your relatives by having custom designs made on customizable ceramic wall plates. Ceramic wall plates, which are generally preferred for decoration purposes, are one of the most important accessories that beautify living spaces.

Ceramic wall plates can also be displayed on a coffee table or bedside table, apart from the wall. Ceramic wall plates enliven the wall decoration and also save the walls from boringness. Ceramic wall plate models, which have an aesthetically flamboyant and striking appearance, enliven the environments they are in.

Ceramic Bell
Another gift ceramic product used as a decorative object is a ceramic bell. Ceramic bell models, which can affect the decoration even though they are small in size, can be used in areas such as the living room or living room. Turkey’s touristic cities and towns are commonly used in the design of ceramic bell models. If ceramic bells are bought as gifts, the design of the bells can be customized according to the individual.

Ceramic bells, which can be displayed on items such as a table, bedside table or TV unit, are especially suitable accessories for minimalist home styles. Ceramic bell types can also be added to workplace and office decoration.

You can also consider ceramic bells as a gift option for your relatives on special and important days. You can also buy ceramic bells as a gift to a friend or relative who has opened a new business, as a housewarming gift for your mother or mother-in-law.

Ceramic Mug
Ceramic mugs, which make drinking tea and coffee more enjoyable with their designs and colors, are decorated with screen printing and digital printing methods. Popular cities and towns are preferred as themes in the design of ceramic mugs. Ceramic mug models can also find a place for themselves in the kitchen for decoration purposes. Ceramic mugs, which are resistant to abrasion, can be used for a long time.

Ceramic mugs, which you can consider as a gift alternative for your loved ones’ birthdays, New Year’s Eve or other special days, are one of the products with the highest functionality among gift ceramic products. You can buy ceramic mugs as a gift to your colleagues, lover, friends or brother.

Ceramic Ashtray
With their colorful models and eye-catching designs, ceramic ashtrays are a stylish decorative accessory that can be used for any space. Ceramic ashtrays are among the indispensables of home decoration, especially office and workplace decoration. Various forms such as heart, anchor and round are used in the design of ceramic ashtrays. In addition to the open models of ceramic ashtrays, there are also types with lids.

You can give ceramic ashtrays to your father, boyfriend, mother or brother as an interesting gift. Among the city-themed ceramic ashtrays, you will be giving a meaningful and special gift to the person you want to gift by buying the ashtray designed specifically for the city that you want to see.

Ceramic Magnet
You can use ceramic magnets produced with original themes and forms to decorate the refrigerator. In addition, ceramic magnets are also preferred as gifts for various organizations. You can also take ceramic magnets as a gift to a relative or friend when you go home.

Ceramic magnets are made in remarkable shapes such as ships, hats, sailboats, spoons, camels, guitars, lanterns and anchors. Ceramic magnet models of varying sizes and sizes are also available in square, round and rectangular forms. In addition, famous structures of historical and touristic cities are included in the design of ceramic magnets.

High quality ceramic magnets, with their remarkable designs, have an appearance that everyone who sees them will want to look back on.

Ceramic Clock
The sizes of ceramic clock models, inspired by famous regions of Turkey such as Antalya, İzmir, Side, Belek and Kemer, are different from each other. Depending on your intended use, you can purchase a smaller or larger ceramic clock. Ceramic watches are an accessory that significantly affects the decoration, especially when used in workplaces.

You can bring movement to the style of the house by using ceramic clocks in the form of anchors in houses that are simply decorated. Ceramic clocks with vibrant colors help you better manage time whether you are at home or at work.

Ceramic Salt Shaker
Ceramic salt shakers, which beautify kitchens with their elegant models, are also one of the most adorable accessories of intimate dining tables with your loved ones. Ceramic salt shakers, in which you can put salt and spices that add flavor to the dishes, have unique designs.

The ceramic salt shaker models produced with animal figures such as oyster, dolphin, turtle and octopus are the kind that both adults and children will love. In addition, the salt shaker models designed in the form of a caftan are also very interesting.

You can give souvenir ceramic salt shakers to your mother, mother-in-law, sister or a relative as a gift. You can get the model of ceramic salt shakers with an aesthetic appearance, designed in the form of two wrapped hearts, as a gift for your lover.

Ceramic Photo Frame
Wouldn’t you like to see photos of your favorite people in a friendly and stylish frame? If you like to take pictures and see them all the time, the ceramic photo frame is just for you. The design of ceramic photo frames with different forms and sizes makes your photos look more pleasant.

There are also customizable models of photo frames designed with themes of various cities and towns. You can make a very special surprise for her on Mother’s Day by placing a photo of your mother in one of the ceramic photo frames made in different shapes such as round and rectangular.

You can give ceramic photo frames as a gift to your lover, brother or best friend. You can also buy a ceramic photo frame for yourself as a gift. You can place these frames at your bedside in the bedroom or on your desk.

Ceramic Napkin Holder
The models and designs of ceramic napkin holders, which can be used as a set with ceramic salt shakers on dining tables, can appeal to all tastes. In addition to the ceramic napkin holders designed in the shape of an anchor and a camel, there are also standard ceramic napkin holder options for those who like simplicity.

In addition to ceramic, epoxy material is also used in the production of ceramic napkin holder models. In addition, digital printing technique is used in the decoration of these napkin holders.

You can gift the ceramic napkin holders to a friend who has just bought a house, to your brother or sister who got married. At the same time, ceramic napkin holders, which you can buy as a gift to your mother, aunt or aunt, bring a completely different atmosphere to the dining tables.


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