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What is Loincloth and Why Loincloth?

Towel Loincloth

What is Loincloth?

Turkish-made Loincloth has attracted the attention of the whole world in recent years and has become demanded. The loincloth, which is generally used to cover the waist down in Turkish baths, is now used as a bath towel in saunas, beaches and in our homes. The loincloth, which has been carried from our traditions and customs to the present, is blended with technology and woven more quickly and flawlessly.


The loincloth, which attracts the attention of women with its fine texture and elegance, is now used not only in baths, but also in every place where people meet with water.

In addition, blouses, dresses, tunics, shirts, bags are made from Loincloth. It attracts more and more attention from the fashion world every day.

In particular, it is woven in non-electric, fully human-powered looms, which we call hand loom, as well as in semi-electronic black looms and fully automatic looms. It is produced using cotton, linen, bamboo, viscose. Loincloth woven on hand loom using cotton and madder has been used for many years.

The loincloths that are 50-60 years old from the chests are woven in this style. Considering that the low number of producers is not sufficient to meet the product demand in the market, the price value of the loincloth will increase day by day.


Since it is woven from cotton and linen threads, its ability to absorb water is very high. Since it has a fine texture, it dries in a short time, it is easier to carry than a towel. Once you start using loincloth, you will never be able to give up.

By purchasing wholesale loincloth, you can present our Turkish-made loincloth to your customers with its design and quality in your own shops and online sales.

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